Diddy Names NOBU As The ‘Craziest Place’ He’s Had Sex, On Ellen’s Show

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Music mogul Diddy has dropped a couple of hints about his personal life in his latest interview with show host, Ellen DeGeneres. Diddy had made a stop at the show to promote the finale for Fox’s hit show, The Four.

During the “Burning Questions” segment of the show, Diddy made a shocking revelation when Ellen questioned him about the craziest place he’s ever had sex.

After taking some time thinking of nothing, Ellen said to him “Take your time. There’s a lot of places, I’m sure.”

Having thought a little more, Diddy tapped the bell. “Pass,” he chuckled. But Ellen would not let the question go unaswered. Then he spoke up and said “Nobu,” finally picking his craziest sex spot.

In case you don’t know, Nobu is a popular sushi restaurant which is situated in a couple of major cities around the country, including, New York, Las Vegas, and Atlanta.

“That’s what sushi will do to you,” Ellen said. “I took over one of the bathrooms… I mean these things happen,” Diddy explained further.



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