Kanye West and Jay-Z Agree to Meet to Settle Their Feud

Kanye West has called out to his one time partner Jay-Z for a face-to-face conversation so they can work out their existing feud after they have been tagged ‘Public enemies’ following their recent fall out that led to Kanye withdrawing his collections from Jay’s Tidal company.


Jay revealed in a recent interview that it was Kanye went too far by involving the Carter family, and that really hurt him. ‘You can’t bring my kids and my wife into it…’ he said.  ‘We have gotten past bigger issues… but you brought my family into it, now it’s a problem with me…’ Jay said.

We hope to stay in touch for latest update on their reconciliation.

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According to reports, it was said that Jay and Kanye’s feud is not linked to their financial dispute which caused Kanye to withdraw fromTidal in July, and the Tidal dispute is also reportedly in the process of being worked out. It seems the duo have more personal issues.

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