An Explosive Court Document Has Surfaced, Claiming Mel B Battled With Cocaine and Booze Throughout Her Marriage,

An explosive court document has surfaced that reveal that Mel B battled a consistent and habitual addiction to cocaine and booze throughout her marriage and also exposing her children to her abuse.

A fresh accusation has hit the Spice Girl by her ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte, of using class A drug, so much that it impacted on her marriage and her ability to function effectively as a mother.

Stephen backed up his explosive claims with a series of text messages he presented in court on Friday.


In his declaration, Belafonte claims: ‘The biggest reason for my concern is solely with respect to the safety of the children, due to the Petitioner’s habitual and consistent addiction to the use and abuse of cocaine and alcohol.’

Belafonte and Mel married for ten years before she filed for divorce in March


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