Lena Dunham Shares Hospital Bed Selfie After Met Gala and Reveals She Was Treated for Endometriosis Surgery Complication

Information has shown that Lena Dunham has actually broken her silence and quiet status with regards to her health scare.

This is after being rushed to the clinic after this year 2017 Met Gala earlier this week.

In an Instagram social media page platform post which was published today Thursday,May 4,2017.The damsels creator and star personality reveals she did suffer from complications from her most recent endometriosis surgery.

The respected and highly celebrated actress had informed last month,April 2017,that she had undergone her very 5th procedure towards the treating of the disorder, ehich is named:a female reproductive illness that has abnormal tissue growth just outside the uterus and can cause and result to infertility


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