Brad Pitt Said Frank Ocean’s Music Helped Him Get Through His Divorce

Brad Pitt Said Frank Ocean's Music Helped Him Get Through His Divorce
Brad Pitt Said Frank Ocean’s Music Helped Him Get Through His Divorce

Hollywood star Brad Pitt said he find Frank Ocean’s music special.

Well who on earth would’ve thought that Brad Pitt is a fan of Frank Ocean musics? In a new interview with GQ, the Hollywood star revealed to the press that he became a big supporter of Ocean’s of recently during his publicized divorce with his wife Angelina Jolie.

Pitt said this on the interview “  well I’ve been listening to a lot of Frank Ocean music lately,” He said when asked about what helped him get through the divorce issue.

He continued by saying “I find the young man special and when you talk about getting to the raw truth. He’s painfully honest and He’s very, very special, the Hollywood superstar said.

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