Aaron Eckhart


Aaron Eckhart was born in 1968 at California but he went ahead to spend his adolescence in Australia and England.

Records reveal that after high school, Eckhart , had to spend  few years surfing and skiing then before getting enrolled at the  Utah’s Brigham Young University to study Film . Aaron, passed out in flying colours, graduating  in 1994. He was subsequently engaged to Emily Cline, an actress but the duo got split in 1998.

The renowned and respected actor, Aaron made his film debut in 1992’s Slaughter of the Innocents, and his career plummeted to high heights in 2005 with a lead role in the satirical comedy , called the Thank You for Smoking.

Eckhart ,in summer 2008, made appearance in the highly anticipated installment of the Batman film franchise,popularly known as The Dark Knight, as Harvey Dent.

He has many other works to his credit. He is single at the moment.

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